fear ignites with the idea

and consumes me with the thought –

the idea that perhaps I could wander further.

but what awaits me – is  unknown.

I am not familiar with those depths.

I know my path; I’ve stuck to it for so long

But it no longer entices me, it has lost lustre.

I know every bump, every cut, each meander

I have wandered them countless times and again.

I wade a bit further in but I always return

to a place that no longer inspires growth.

Do I dare venture into the occult

Do I have the will to leave the shallows?



Thought it would be a poem but I decided to post as it came to me. A little rusty, but marching on with getting back to writing.

Daily Prompt :  Shallow


11 thoughts on “Shallow

  1. Hi Her Mind Works!
    Congratulations on your totally introspective poem. It shows great insight into yourself and a maturity that others your age don’t possess.
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    Now, I publish at http://mostlyblogging.com and I’d be delighted if you followed me there.
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  2. A free write is meant to be a lil rusty that’s what gives it its charm ❤.

    I like the aura of your blog by the way. Very authentic, not claiming false expertise, nope, it simply exist on its own, beautifully.



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