Quote of the day

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

– Mark Twain


Carnival 2017

This past weekend was the Caribbean Carnival in my city. Though we’ve lived here for  a few years now, we’ve never been and decided this year we would go cure ourselves of a little homesickness and represent our islands.

The day started out cloudy, but God decided to allow us to enjoy some sunshine and whoa did it get warm! The hour long bus journey proved worth it with the explosion of colour, smells and culture at the park. Continue reading

Who am I ? 

It’s difficult to answer this question as I’m still figuring it out all for myself. I feel like we’re ever changing and there’s not a definitive answer. 
As stands I am a twenty three year old. I am a mother, sister, a daughter – all that good stuff. As well as that I’m a Christian and a student. I’m currently studying my bachelors degree in accounting and finance. 

Lately I’m trying to find myself again. After having my son I feel like I went into full mommy mode and I lost myself. When he’s away at his dads I find myself with nothing to do and missing his company. I promised myself that this year I would spend more time finding myself and learning more about me. My likes and dislikes wants etc. 

The purpose of this blog is to share my adventures and journeys and keep a record. Growing up I always enjoyed writing and I lost touch and wanted to reacquaint myself to possibly grow in my craft. 

That is my hope at least. 

Growing up Hispanic

VICKSGrowing up in a hispanic household, living in an English speaking country was fun, I swear. If you’re even a little hispanic there are certain customs that you know by heart and can relate to.

Here’s a short list  :

  • Knowing that whenever you visit family, you’ll spend at least five minutes with your tios and tias asking for “La Bendicion” (the blessing) and knowing if you forgot to greet one of them you were malcriada
    Continue reading